Adding SDVR to CMS3

CMS3 software is in the CD, or you can download here:

To monitor SDVR via CMS3, you need to add device first. Open the software and do the following:

  1. Go to DeviceManage, click Add under Managed devices.
  2. Device Name: any name you want of the SDVR
  3. Model: Dev.TS
  4. Login type: IP (or Cloud if you add remote SDVR)
  5. Domain/IP: IP address of SDVR (or Cloud ID is av…… (check your SDVR))
    cms3-adddeviceIP cms3-adddevicecloud
  6. User name: admin
  7. Password: default is no password
  8. Click Save


Now back to Monitor:
Double-click your added device, it should show a list of camera icon
Click on the camera icon and video will be displayed