WiFi Connection of IPCC Camera

This WiFi setup instruction is for IPCC series IP camera only, including models B12N-W, B13N-W, B15N-W, H04, H05.


Before WiFi setup:
1. You need WiFi router, and your computer must connect to this router (by cable or wireless).
2. Connect power supply and network cable to camera, network cable must connect to the router which is also connecting your computer.
3. Check the LED on camera, both orange and green LED must lit on.


Setup WiFi:
Step 1
Open IPCSearch from package CD (Search tool -> IPCSearh), or click here to download. Click Search to find camera, double-click the found camera and it will open IE (Internet Explorer) automatically.
Note: You may need to switch the mode in IPCSearch from Broadcast to Multicast if you do not find cameras.


Step 2
You have to login on IE, default login name is admin, password is admin. After login, go to Parameters -> WiFi, check Enable.


Step 3
Click Search to find available WiFi network, choose the one you want to connect, input Password, then click Test to check whether it’s work.


Step 4
Click Apply to save setting when you see Connect Success. Unplug network cable after few minutes, camera can connect to WiFi.
Note: Both LED on camera will not lit when network cable is unplugged.


Step 5
Use IPCsearch to search camera again.
Note: You may need to switch the mode in IPCSearch from Broadcast to Multicast if you do not find cameras.

4 thoughts on “WiFi Connection of IPCC Camera”

  1. Hi, Does this search tool work on Windows 10? I downloaded it, but it doesn’t actually launch.
    I sit with two of the B12N-W cameras that I can’t discover.
    They are directly connected to my PC using a Cat5 cable.


  2. I am the owner of IPCC-BN-W camera and I forgot the password. I would like to restore my camera to it’s original state. But I don’t know which way?

  3. Hi, I also forgot my password and want to do a hard reset, anyone figured it out yet?

  4. Hi,

    I’m trying to use this camera as a webcam and ‘strem’ it to a page on my website. The folllowing code works fine with other, older IPcams (eg one or 2 Foscams I have and a Tenvis Mini319W).

    Here is the HTML code I use … ”

    Any ideas?

    Regards, Martin.