WiFi Connection of BLS-HR02

Before connection:
1. You need WiFi router, and your mobile phone must connect to this router.
2. Download YYP2P from Google Play or Apple Store.
3. Plug power to camera, wait until you hear “bi bi” sound.


Connect camera to WiFi router:

Step 1
Launch YYP2P, register new account.


Step 2
Press + and choose Smartlink.


Step 3
Press “Head” after you hear “bi bi” sound.


Step 4
Enter WiFi password, and put the phone next to the camera.


Step 5
You should hear a should like “twin” when camera is found, then it will take extra 1 to 2 minute to connect, please be patience.


Step 6
Enter camera password after connected.


Step 7
Added cameras is in Device List, click to start monitoring.

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