T04 Door Access Control Board

Note: Difference between L04 and T04 is the network port direction and board color.


– Control 4 doors/ 4 readers, get in door by swiping card or input password, get out door by button (exit button)
– Network communication via TCP/IP
– Access control management software includes all-in-one-card management system, such as normal shift and multi-shifts time attendance management system; fixed ration dining management system; meeting attendance management system
– User-friendly Access software programs the system within a few minutes, from a non-dedicated PC. Access Software provides numerous access control and alarm monitoring features: expiry date for clubs, automatic activation, interlock between two doors, time zones, supervision, anti-passback, activity reports…


Conventional function :
Offline operation
Real time supervision
Photo display when valid card
Mass storage
Flexible user privilege setup
Remote unlocking
Multi-user supervision
Quick setting
Convenience checking and query
Revisable and printable report form
Report can be exported to excel file
Multi ways access
Alarm for long time opening
Alarm for invalid card swiping
Alarm for unlawful entry
Unlocking at definite time


Professional function :
Interface locking
Intimidation alarm
Integrated fire control
Anti passback and anti tail
Multi-card unlocking
Emergency double locking
Indoor population checking
Unlocking based on internal and external validation


Technical Information:
Communication : TCP/IP
Software Supportable Database : SQL
Power Supply : Input: DC 12V, 4 ~ 7A
Power Consumption of Circuit Board : Less than 100mA
Quantity of Readers : Up to 4 units
Door Controlled : 4
Door Opening Time Extending Setting : 1 ~ 600 seconds (adjustable)
Max Quantity of Controller : Unlimited
Operating Temperature : -40°C ~ 70°C
Operating Humidity : 10% ~ 90% RH, No Condensation
Quantity of Users : 20,000 users
Quantity of Event Buffers (offline) : 100,000 event buffers
Power Interruption Protection Measure : High speed memory, records never lose
Max Distance from Reader to Controller: 100m (suggested distance: within 80m)
Alarm for Long Time Door Open, Unlawful Entry, Intimidate : Yes
Open door in remote distance : Yes
Inter Block : Yes
Anti Passback and Tail : Yes
Multi-Card Open Door : Yes
Open Long Time at Specified Time : Yes
Electronic Map : Yes
Locking Urgently : Yes
First Card to Unlocking : Yes
Unlock Based on Internal and External Validation : Yes
Keypad (card + password, super password) : Yes
Dimensions : – approx. 180 (W) x 118 (H)
– approx. 7-1/8″ (W) x 4-5/8″ (H) inch