Using Free Cloud

There are two login types, By user and By device. Advantage of By user is you can add and manage more devices in one account, and do not have to remember cloud serial ID of each machine.


aveye-login page
Step 1
Open IE and go to, download and install plug-in from login page.


Step 2
If you choose login by user, you must first click Register to register new account.


aveye-login by user
Step 3
After registration, back to login page and input Username and Password, then click Login.


aveye-add device
Step 4
There is no device when you first login, so go to Manager -> Add, input device info and click Add.


Step 5
Back to Playview, you can see newly added device and a green tick if it is successfully connected.


aveye-connect video
Step 6
Double-click the device and it will show you video panel, click Connect All Video icon connect-all-video to display video.

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