Add SDVR/ NVR To TopsView APP

Below is an example of adding SDVR/ NVR to TopsView on Android mobile device. If you using iOS, step is same, but some words may be different. To download TopsView, click here for Android, or here for iOS.


Step 1
Click Register to create account (ignore Step 2 – 4 if you click Local Login).


Step 2
Input email address as login name and password, click Create an Account.


Step 3
You are now registered successfully, click Sure back to login page.


Step 4
Input email address and password you just registered, then click Login.


Step 5
After login, click + sign under channel screen to add new recorder, and choose Manually enter.


Step 6
You can give any name to the device you want to add, then input GID (it is cloud serial ID of recorder, you can check it from recorder: Main Menu -> Info -> Version). Default User is admin, and Password is no password (left it blank). Click Sure and back to video screen.


Step 7
You can see added device icon is blinking, click it to stop and click it again to connect. If your recorder is 8 channel, you can slide the screen to watch channel 5 – 8.

One thought on “Add SDVR/ NVR To TopsView APP”

  1. Hello Gotake, I have the following problem with topsview. I can not change the password of my DVR, it asks me to set the alarm off. When doing so the message of the app is “abnormal conecctions” and does not put off