Setup SDVR/ NVR Before Use

Before start using SDVR/ NVR, there are some basic connection and setting. We use SDVR-9128IC as example, and the following steps can apply to our other recorder models.


Step 1
Connect video cable (VGA or HDMI or BNC), mouse, and network cable, then plug the power adapter.
Note: network cable MUST connect to router which is using with IP cameras, so they must in the same LAN.


Step 2
Default input is all analog channel, if you need to connect IP camera, right-click mouse -> Main Menu -> Switch -> ChannelType, choose suitable input type, click OK then restart recorder.

1. if you were prompted at system login windows, default user name is admin, password is no password.
2. different recorders provide different input mode, picture is for reference only.


Step 3
After restart, you can see “+” in the middle of IP camera channel, click it to auto search all available IP cameras in LAN. To add IP camera, click the blue + then click Add, click Close back to main screen.


Step 4
IP camera are now connected to SDVR, repeat Step 3 if you need to add another IP camera on other channel.

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