Install Hard Disk Drive For Recording

Install/ replace HDD is easy, just use screwdriver. Our recorders support 3.5″ SATA HDD, and recommend Segate and Western Union HDD.

Pay attention to HDD capacity of recorders supported, some up to 2TB, and some up to 4TB, please refer to their specification for detail.


installhdd-step 1
Step 1
Unscrew and take away the case.


installhdd-step 2
Step 2
Connect SATA data cable and power cable from motherboard to HDD.
Note: If using 3TB or 4TB HDD, please use 12V 3A power supply.


installhdd-step 3
Step 3
Fixed HDD with screws, then put back the case. (or go to Step 4 to test HDD before you close the case)


Step 4
Turn on recorder, right-click mouse -> Main Menu -> System -> HDD Manage, you can see HDD capacity.

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