Motion Detect Record Setting

This record setting guide can apply to all our DVR/ SDVR/ NVR.

Step 1:
1. in SDVR, right-click mouse -> Main menu -> Alarm -> Motion Detect,
2. at Channel, choose which channel you need to record when motion is detected (example channel 7), then check Enable,
3. at Record Channel, click the corresponding channel (example channel 7),
4. click OK and back to Main menu.


Step 2:
1. go to Record -> Record Plan,
2. at Channel, choose the channel just set in Motion Detect (example channel 7),
3. at Mode, check Schedule,
4. at Period, check Detect, uncheck Regular and Alarm,
5. click OK and back to Main menu, click OK again back to channel screen.


Step 3:
1. when something move in front of camera, at the bottom corner of channel screen (example channel 7), there is “leg” icon and “tape” icon. It means motion is detected and start recording.


Step 4:
1. to view motion detected record, right-click mouse -> Main menu -> Playback,
2. choose the channel, click File List (two-arrow icon at the bottom right corner) to choose the recorded file with M mark.

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