SDVR-9218IC 8CH Hybrid DVR

NOTE: This product is discontinued, and is replaced by SDVR-6108NLW
– Support 6+2 / 4+4 / 2+6 under HVR mode (analog + IP camera).
– Support 8 x 1080P under NVR mode (all IP camera).
– Support 8 x 960H under DVR mode (all analog camera).
– Free APP (TopsView) for mobile devices (iOS, Android) remote access.
– Free Cloud access (, remote control and view playback without setting.
– Send email notification/ start record/ upload to FTP when motion is detected.
– WiFi extension (support 3070 chipset adapter only, not included in packing).


Packing Include:
– SDVR x 1
– Power Adapter (12V2A) x 1
– USB Mouse x 1
– Remote Controller (no batteries included) x 1
– English Manual x 1
– CD (software) x 1


 Model  SDVR-9218IC
 Main processor  Industrial grade embedded micro controller chip Huawei HIS chipset
 Operating system  Embedded LINUX operating system
 System resource  Multi-channel recording synchronously, multi-channel playback, multi- channel  multi-user network operation, USB back up.
 Operation interface  16 bit real color GUI interface support mouse operation
 Display screen  1/ 4/ 8/ 9 screen
 Video standard  PAL (625 lines, 50fps); NTSC (525 lines, 60fps)
 Image encode  H.264 (High Profile)
 Monitor quality  Monitor: D1; VGA/HDMI: 1080P
 Playback quality  Max support 1080P under HVR and NVR mode; Max support D1 under DVR mode
 Encode capability  8CH 960H 21FPS (DVR mode)
 Decode capability  2CH 960H /4CH D1 (DVR mode)
Multi-mode video input  DVR mode: 8*D1 / 8*960H
HVR mode: 6*960H + 2*1080P / 4*960H + 4*1080P / 2*960H + 6*1080P
NVR mode: 8*1080P
 Motion detection  Each channel can set 192 (16*12) detection area; can set multi-level of flexibility (for local analog channel only)
 Audio  Audio compression: G.711A
 Record mode  Manual, alarm, motion detection, timing
 Local playback  1-8CH playback synchronously; Max support 2CH 960H playback synchronously under 8CH 960H recording (DVR mode)
 Video search  Time, date, event, channel search
 Space occupation
 Video: D1 8-10GB/day*channel, 960H 12-20GB/day*channel, 720P 16-30GB/day*channel
 Audio: 691.2MB/day*channel
 Video storage  Local HDD, Network
 Back up mode  Network backup, USB portable HDD, USB DVD-RW
 Video input  8CH BNC
 Video output  1CH BNC, 1CH VGA, 1CH HDMI
 Audio input  4CH RCA
 Audio output  1CH RCA
 Alarm input  1CH
 Alarm output  1CH
 Network port  RJ45 10M/100M self-adaptive Ethernet port
 PTZ control  1 RS485; support multi kinds of PTZ Protocol
 USB port  USB2.0 x 2
 HDD port  1 SATA (each max support 2TB)
 Wireless port  3G, WiFi (extension via USB port)
 Tour  Yes
 Remote controller  Yes
 Power  12V/2A
 Dimension  260(L) x 234(W) x 45(H) mm

15 thoughts on “SDVR-9218IC 8CH Hybrid DVR”

  1. Can you get me the firmware for this model SDVR-9218IC 8CH?

    I have this dvr but the firmware only lets me record analog channels. I want to upgrade the firmware so i can record IP channels as well.

    1. hello. please make sure you choose correct channel type, you can do it from Main Menu -> Switch -> ChannelType. thank you.

      1. I also have the SDVR-9218IC and it too errors out on this file AHD3520D(2G)[WEB]_LSX_VS102_20150617.bin. It does see it on /dev/sdb1. What’s up with that?

  2. Hello, I have this DVR and I tried to update the firmware but it keeps erroring out. Also, I cannot view it on my network or remotely because it says I need some IE ActiveX that I do not have and that will not install. Is there an Android app I can use to view live video or is there a firmware update to fix this? Thanks!

  3. I have model 9218IC the EMAIL configuration has NO test button. To verify my EMAIL configuration, I have been generating an alarm (by disconnecting a camera). The log indicates a alarm and all of the camera are set to “Send E-Mail” on video loss. But regardless of how I configure the email settings I never receive a Video loss mail message. Please help my build date is 2015-05-18 16:54:48 My system is 1.02.019a0191.20519011.T000. I have tried to configure the EMAIL for a Hotmail account, and a Gmail account I cannot get either to work

    I have verified that my firewall ports are all open and I can successfully connect to the unit via the cloud Server. Do you have any suggestions?

  4. Good afternoon. I flew the firmware in my dvr. Can you download a version of what?

  5. Hi, I asked if there is a newer firmware version for the SDVR-9218IC 8CH Hybrid DVR. I could not send emails alerts to my email because the actual one do not has the option “my smtp server needs autentication”

    Could you provide some help?
    Thanks in advance.
    Fernando Costarelli

  6. good evening, i have a sdvr-9218IC-8, where can i find the firmware update?
    Thank you